Unstoppable Style

Sartorial Style by the Numbers; an Orderly Perspective

  1. The Suit – a classically updated suit is the most powerful wardrobe piece you can own.  It is never out of place and always in style whether two or three button models with center or side vents.

  2. The Dress Shirt – the second most important and powerful piece in your wardrobe.  With white being “no-brainer” formal, choose shades of blue and then other colors and stripes for a range of crisp appearances.  Cotton is king when it comes to feel and drape, and Bespoke is the best way to go.

  3. The Sport Coat (pattern) or Blazer (solid) – luxurious wools and silks, depending on season.  Almost as powerful as your suit, the jacket is your passport to personal expression and style interpretation.  Most can be paired with at least three trousers; light, medium and dark.  Business casual at its best.

  4. Trousers – from the dressiest of wools tothe most casual of cottons, trousers play a dual role by either standing alone or being paired with your sport coat or blazer.  The unlimited array of colors, patterns, and solids make them the “chameleon of the closet” in versatility!

  5. Shoes and Belts – From dressy suits to casual trousers, the shoe accentuates the whole package.  Match your belt and shoes. The more formal the outfit, the more formal the shoe.

  6. Topcoats and Raincoats – Chesterfields, Topcoats and Raincoats – these, by design, shield your Bespoke suit from the elements; topcoats for cooler to winter weather provide both warmth and protection while the raincoat (or all-weather coat) with a removable lining will keep you dry the rest of the time.

  7. The Vest – a near perfect piece that can be matched to your suit or contrasted colorfully with your sport coat and trousers.  However you wish to add a level of distinction and versatility to your outfit, taking a vested interest in color and texture will elevate your sense of style!