Dress 25% Better than Everyone Else

Being well-dressed still matters!  A client's impression of a company is partly formed by the appearance of its leaders and employees.  it is important to maintain a balance between formal and casual and may depend on the client's perception of "corporate style".  In every situation, the correct professional image

  1. Enhances personal confidence.
  2. Enhances perception of credibility.
  3. Improves social communication.
  4. Creates a favorable impression.

At all levels, tailored clothing should be of quality fabrics, pressed and properly fit for comfort and appearance.

On a Tailored level, the lines of a classically updated suit make it a business wear necessity representing authority and commanding respect.  Suits are dark; navy, charcoal, grey.  Seek to create a dark to light contrast with a light colored cotton shirt and contrasting silk tie.  Suit fabrics should be pure worsted wool, Super 120's and beyond in plain weaves, subtle patterns and stripes, while shirt collars should be straight or spread.

Softly Tailored incorporates a blazer (solid) or sport coat (pattern) and slacks creating an image of less formal, but no less dependable and capable.  Jackets may be classic styles as well as "softer" coats offering less structure, while dress slacks should be solid or small neat checks, and pressed.  Shirts at this level have collars and range from button-down to knit in a broad color spectrum of solids, stripes and subtle patterns.  though they tend to increase the perception of authority, ties are optional.

Casual Tailored entails a blending of neat and pressed tailored and untailored elements.  An outwear jacket may be worn over a knit shirt and corduroy slacks while a blazer may be worn with a v-neck sweater over a dressy T-shirt and microfiber blend slacks.  Shirts at this level may or may not have collars and run the color spectrum.  Trousers tend to be darker.

Knowing your audience (client base) is key, and clothing that fits well is of the essence.  Seek out a professional clothier who is willing to help you augment your knowledge and enhance your personal style.  After all, you should be your unique self - because everyone else is taken!