W-A-Y Wonderful World of Wool


There are a lot of things to like about wool; it is flame resistant, it travels well, it keeps you cool and comfortable and warm and dry (as the season dictates) and is very versatile and easy to wear!

 While it has all of these things going for it, it does take a bit of care to keep it tip-top shape.  Here are some hints and tips from The Woolmark Co. for one of your favorite fabrics:


·        Empty pockets after each wearing to help prevent them from bulging and sagging

·        Brush the garment (preferably with a natural hair brush – directionally from top to bottom) to help remove surface soil

·        Lay garment flat on bed or hang outside of your closet for 1-2 hours to help dissipate any odors it may have absorbed before returning it to your closet

·        Hang and space woven garments in your closet so wrinkles may continue to relax.  Knit wool garments should be folded as they will stretch if hung

·        Dry-clean sparingly.  Woolmark suggests a single dry-cleaning at the end of a season to remove body oils

·        When traveling, loosely roll or fold garments with tissue paper – major wrinkling is unlikely, but a few minutes with a steam iron (or a steamy bathroom) should take care of unwanted folds


With proper care, you may enjoy your favorite garments for many years to come!