6 Ways to Get More from Your Existing Wardrobe

1.    Find a clothing professional who is willing to advise and assist you on the journey of wardrobe and image enhancement.
2.    Start with the best quality you can afford.  Quality beats quantity every time because several classic pieces of better quality will wear better and longer than more pieces of lesser quality.
3.    One of the keys to wardrobe enrichment is proper fit.  What’s the use of having nice clothes if they don’t fit well?  The right fit makes all the difference in your appearance…a noticeable difference…and a difference others will notice as well.
4.    Making your wardrobe more versatile not only makes getting dressed in the morning simpler, but it also improves the longevity of your clothing.
5.    Speaking of longevity, a proper rotation is essential.  Natural fibers need to “breathe” between wearing, and need a bit of space in the closet, as opposed to being crammed next to each other.
6.    Caring for your clothing is as important as acquiring it in the first place.  With proper care, your clothing will last longer.  At the end of the day, hang your suit on its hanger, toss your shirt in the laundry basket (for the cleaners), put cedar shoe trees in your shoes, and slip into your soft khakis and cotton casual shirt for family time.