Some "After 5:00pm Wardrobe" Thoughts

Your 9-5 wardrobe may not be suitable (no pun intended) for after-hours meetings.  What you wear after work can make a difference in your business relationships.  Refer to your "Friday wardrobe" for clues to social engagements and use these four tips to maintain your style and relaxed professionalism.

  1. Relaxed does not mean sloppy.  If it's too casual for the office, then it's too casual for after-hours meetings with clients or co-workers.  Do not show up for dinner in faded jeans and a polo.
  2. Just like the office, continue to mix and match elements of style, remembering that being eclectic doesn't mean "anything goes".  Balance bright with neutral, large with small, and bold with sedate.
  3. Fit is critical.  Whether, or not, you're in a fine suit, your clothing should fit your frame.  Seek out a professional clothier who will help you make the right proportional choices and make relevant suggestions to enhance your desired look.
  4. Have fun.  If your clothing fits properly, it is no longer on your mind, and you can focus on the task at hand, the party you're attending, and the company you keep.  When you look "put together", others take notice and make a calculated assumption about who you are, what you do and how you do it.  Don't mislead them.  Look the part.  Elevate those around you, and enjoy the moment!